The Library Park

              The library park is a beautiful place in Semarang State University. It’s large. The fresh and cool air will make us feel comfort and enjoy. If  we sit in the gazebo, it means that we are on the left side of the park. By sitting in the gazebo, we will know there are many trees around, like palm trees and conifer trees. Then, in the central park, we can see what a beautiful fountain. Besides many lamps and colorful flowers surround it. They make the park is more wonderful and amazing. Not far from it, both central library and Rektorat building seem so big and grand. On the side of the park, there are foot path and the exit of FBS building. Later, we can find a trademark “UNNES SUTERA” on the right side. Indeed, the library park is the most interesting place in Semarang State University.


A Careless Experience (Revise 3)

2 years ago, when I was in the second grade of Senior High School, I had a memorable experience. It was an accounting class. After my teacher finished teaching, he gave an accounting assignment for the students. In that case, I wanted to get a high score. First, I enjoyed studying the materials, and I thought that I could do the assigment by myself. I tried to do it alone, and I didn’t ask to my friends. The next day, when my teacher evaluated my work, surprisingly I got many mistakes, and of course bad score. Actually, I was not careful while I was doing the assigment. At once, if I counted the data wrongly, the following data would be wrong too. At that time, I was so shocked and sad. Later, I didn’t want to do same mistakes. I tried to be better and studied harder. Then, I could get a perfect score in a mid term test. Now, I realize that I have to be more careful in doing things, not to make the same mistakes, and try harder to get anything that I want.


My Exciting Lecturer (Revise 2)

Mrs. Intan Permata Hapsari is a fashionable and beautiful English lecturer in Semarang State University. She looks so cool with her black and short hair. Her eyebrows are naturally arched. Her brown eyes show serenity. She also has a pointed nose and rosy cheeks. If you see her lips and skin, you will feel amazed because they are naturally red and white. Her body is slim. She usually wears high heel. Then, talking about the personality, she always explains the lesson clearly. She is friendly and objective to give the real score. She drives herself to go to campus. Mrs. Intan Permata Hapsari is a very attractive lecturer.

Using Technology of Teaching in the Early Year (Revise 1)

I will use technology in the early year of teaching. I have some reasons. First of all, technology helps the students easier to do the assignments. Technology devices that often used are email, twitter, blog, etc. By email and twitter, they can send their assignments and ask to the teacher about the lesson which they don’t understand. Because sometime, there are some of the studends are ashamed or afraid to ask and show their opinions. By blog, the studends can share about their creations experience and their friends can give some comments, critics, and even suggestions. Sometime, the teachers have many work to do and they can’t evaluate the student’s assignments that it in in the book quickly.
Second, by technology the students will not feel bored. I will also use laptop and LCD as media of teaching. By laptop and LCD, I can show the materials beautifully like a design in power point program. It will make the students feel attention and curious about the materials and they won’t feel sleepy. I will also ask the students to make a recording. A recording is so important for the studens because it can help them to improve their pronunciation and speaking skills. By a recording, the students can know whether their pronunciation and speaking is correct or not.
The third, using technology can make the students become ready for globalization era. They will not be shock because of the world’s change. If they are often to get learning from the teacher by the technology, they will able to operate the technology media alone and they will be active and creative.
From these reasons above, it is clear that using technology of teaching in the early is needed and important and I will use it future.

Go to English Library

In my opinion, English students should go to English library which is on the third floor of building. First, by visiting and reading,the English students can get a lot of information because there are kind of books in library. We can find non fiction books to support our knowledge, like final project and academic books. We can also read fiction books to entertain us, like novel and short story. Second, the English library provides hotspot service. It’s the fastest access, so the English students can download everything from internet easily. Third, the English library has a comfortable place. There is an air conditioning that make the room becomes fresh and cool. Then, the conditions in library are calm, not have many noises. The books on the shelves are neat too. From these reason above, it is obvious that it’s better for the English students to go to the English library.