My Favourite Birthday

It was my favourite birthday when I was still a student of Elementary School. At the night, I did homework which was given by my teacher. After doing homework, I was happy and I could sleep tight. I awoke early in the morning and prepared everything that I had to bring to school. Arriving school, I found my friends were still doing homework busily. Then, one of them brought my work. Later, I played games outclass with others. The bell was ringing. It was time for the teacher to evaluate the homework. Surprisingly, I didn’t find my work on the desk. Then, I asked my friend who brought my work where it was. But, she answered that she had put it on my desk. My teacher punished me. He asked me to explain the lesson in front of the class. He was angry too. So, I explained the lesson like a teacher. At the time, I felt so sad and I was almost crying. Next, my teacher took a piece of paper and asked me to read it. I was surprised because it was my birth certificate. I was very amazed and also thankful to my friends and my teacher.