A Careless Experience

2 years ago, when I was in the second grade of Senior High School I had a memorable experience. It was an accounting class. After my teacher finished teaching, he gave an accounting assignment for the students. In that case, I wanted to get a high score. First, I enjoyed studying the materials, and I thought that I could do the assigment by myself. I tried to do it alone, and I didn’t ask to my friends. The next day when my teacher evaluated my work, surprisingly I got many mistakes, and of course bad score. Actually, I was not careful while I was doing the assigment. At once if I counted the data wrongly, the following data would be wrong too. At that time, I was so shocked and sad. Later, I didn’t want to do same mistakes. I tried to be better and studied harder. Then, I could get a perfect score in a mid term test. Now, I realize that I have to be more careful in doing things, not to make the same mistakes, and try harder to get anything that I want.


Blog’s Writer

First of all, thank’s for visiting my blog.  It’s exciting to introduce my self as a blog’s writer.
My full name is Heni Indriana. In daily life, my friends usually call me Heni. I take  English Department, especially education program in Semarang State University. Now, I am in the third semester. Well, I have some reasons why I have a blog. First, in my lesson especially Paragraph Based Writing, my lecturer asks the students to have a blog to send or submit the assigments. Second, I like writing but actually I’m afraid if I write something in the papers, it can lose. So, I think if I have a blog I will not be afraid of losing the data. later, I like posting a blog and using technology. Then, in my opinion writing in english is interesting. By writing, I can make a story even my life story and I read it again. I also can improve what I have already written. But, sometime I have a difficulty of  chosing diction in my writing.

My Exciting Lecturer

Mrs. Intan Permata Hapsari is a fashionable and beautiful English lecturer in Semarang State University.  She looks so cool with her black and short hair. She also has a pointed nose. If you see her lips and skin, you will feel amazed because they are naturally red and white.  Her body is slim. She usually wears high heel. Then  talking about the personality, she always explains the lesson clearly. She is friendly and objective to give the real score. She drives herself to go to campus. Mrs Intan Permata Hapsari is very attractive lecturer.